Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to cancel your subscription to the Philadelphia Inquirer

I was unable to find a guide online so here is the info.

1. Call the main switchboard at 215-854-2000. (Hours of operation M-F 6am-1pm)

2. Choose the "Home Delivery Subscription Related Inquiries" option (3 at the time).

3. Choose the "Stop Delivery" option (3 at the time).

You may have to wait a bit for an operator but when they come on the line they will ask for your phone number and that is it. They may try to resell you the paper but that is to be expected.

Update:  T. Norris said...
They recently changed their phone service with voice recognition. Here are the new steps to cancel your home delivery:

- Call then number listed above
- Say "home delivery" or dial ext. 5120
- Say "something else"
- Say "cancel subscription"

Then you'll connect with a representative.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lisa Palumbi photography

Take a look at my wife's (Lisa Palumbi) picture blog.


Mostly nature and scenery pics of our house and the time we spend in Italy. Every once in a while our girls will show up. Take a look and let her know that she is doing a good job.